Omnia Casino Review

Omnia Casino is an online casino which claims to offer one of the most personalised gambling experiences around. In fact, their claim is that they will build the site around you. That the way in which they do things will be different from other online casinos.

They will show you only what you want to see. They won’t try to shove something down your throat that you have no use for. We must say, they have managed to accomplish this quite well.

Omnia Casino Bonuses & Offers

We know that when most people land on an online casino, they are going to be interested in the site bonuses, and this is great and all. We do not recommend that it is the first area that you look into when you are looking for an online casino, mostly because we have seen some amazing bonuses on online casinos which fall short of the mark.

That being said, you should be fine basing your choice to play at Omnia Casino on the bonuses alone. This site is fantastic. While the website does not really offer anything new when it comes to their welcome bonuses, their loyalty bonuses are something which other online casinos need to offer too. The bonuses are tailored to you. If you spend a ton of time playing slots, then you will have more slot bonuses given to you.

If you spend a lot of time playing table games, then these are the bonuses that you get. We love this way of doing things, because at other online casinos we have felt as if we were not given enough by the site that we were playing at.

We felt that the site was really trying to drive us towards certain games that we would never want to play, which is irritating to say the least. This is not something that you get with Omnia Casino. For those wanting to get started, you can look forward to the welcome bonus below

Site Functionally and Layout

Right off the bat, you are not going to know much about what Omnia Casino brings to the table. This is because they hide it all behind a registration screen. It only takes 30-seconds to sign up, which is not a huge issue, but we have never been huge fans of online casinos that go down this route, mostly because we want to know what we are getting ourselves into.

We must say that once you are into Omnia Casino it is one of the best-laid out online casinos around, and that is awesome. It really does personalise the website to you too, so expect the layout, or at least the games shown, to be changing up a little bit on occasion. It is no wonder that you are required to register on the website, but it would be nice if you could at least have a small idea about what the site is about before that point.

Customer support is ‘on point’. You have plenty of ways to get hold of them. Our preferred method was the 24/7 live chat. We got a response within a couple of minutes at all times of the day, which meant that our problems were solved nice and fast.

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options, you are well covered here too. Deposit in a variety of different ways and, if you use Neteller, you can even deposit money into your account using bitcoin!

Game & Slots Selection

This is where Omnia Casino really shines in our opinion. There are a lot of games to choose from. All the best casino game vendors are represented here (Microgaming, NetEnt etc.) There are new games being added on a weekly basis too.

As with most online casinos, you are probably not going to be disappointed if you are a slot machine player. There are thousands of games available here for you. This is probably the most extensive part of the site.

If you are not a slot player, then do not fret too much. There are also a lot of table games to choose from...including plenty of variants. There are even some live casino games that have been thrown in for good measure. Basically, you are going to have no issues finding exactly what you want on this website, and that is something that we love!

omnia casino review

Summary: Check out Omina Casino today

If you want to play at one of the most amazing new casinos on the block, then we suggest that you check out Omnia Casino today. The site experience doesn’t get much better than this.