ARCHANGELS: Salvation Review

Going to admit that the title of the slot is hardly the best in the world, but you need to look beyond the name. You need to look at everything else the slot brings to the table, and it brings a whopping amount. Let’s look.

How to Play ARCHANGELS: Salvation

Archangels: Salvation is the first slot from NetEnt to offer 100-paylines. This demonstrates that the company is trying to shake things up in an increasingly crowded online market. There are 6-reels. To get started, you will need to stump up at least 40p per spin. The maximum is £200.

Archangels: Salvation is wildly different to the other slots that NetEnt produces. In fact, if we did not know that this was a NetEnt slot going in, we would never have guessed. It seems more the style of Thunderkick or something like that. Anyway, the game is very ‘compressed’. You have your reels in the centre and two angels duking it out. One from heaven, one from hell. Yeah, there is a story involved.

The music in the trailer for the game is epic, and it carried over to the game experience too. It is not often that anybody here at New Slot Site describes a game as epic, but this game truly is. The animation is wonderful. The music is wonderful. The mobile version of the slot is wonderful. Honestly, we can’t really think of much reason to complain about the way the slot is set up.

Of course, in true NetEnt style, the slot is easy to play. You can jump into the game within a couple of seconds. You probably won’t even need to read the instructions for the game (although, we suggest you do), as Archangels: Salvation gives a pretty decent overview of what the game offers when you play it.

ARCHANGELS: Salvation Bonus Features

Most of the features in the game are based around the wilds. There are 2x2 wilds on the reels. They can land anywhere and, as always, they will replace all symbols bar the scatter. Where they land will depend on a feature you trigger:

If you get 3 or more scatters on the reels, you will trigger the free spins feature. The minimum number of free spins is 10, but you can earn up to 25 dependent on how many scatters trigger the feature for you. You can’t earn any more free spins during this mode, and there is no multiplier, but both the hot and cold areas of the reels will be expanded for even more wilds.

archangels salvation slot screen


This is a medium to high volatility slot. Now, you may think that you enjoy all the features that are packed into the game, and you should do because features are amazing, but what you must realise is that if you want to win on a slot with this many features you will need to activate the features.

There is next-to-no winning in standard play. If you have not triggered any of the features then luck is really going to need to be on your side if you want to win a penny.

When we play Archangels: Salvation, and we have done it a lot over the past couple of weeks, we have opted to keep our bets nice and low. We aim for as close to the 40p mark as possible (this is actually a fairly high minimum bet for NetEnt), and we seem to ensure that our bank roll lasts a good while with the wins that are coming through. We suggest that you do something along the same lines.

Summary of Archangels Salvation Slot

Archangels: Salvation is a little bit different to your standard NetEnt slot machine, what with the 100 paylines and all. We love stuff that is different. It still has all the NetEnt hallmarks of being overloaded with features, and being both simple and thrilling to play. For that reason, we have absolutely no hesitation is saying that this slot is amazing.

If you want to check it out, you can head to any of the slot sites below. It only takes a couple of seconds to sign up. All are fun to play, and all offer Archangels: Salvation