Wild Bazaar Slot

Wild Bazaar is a unique slot from NetEnt. Not so much because it is a unique game, more so the fact that this is a rare slot which NetEnt did not promote that heavily. It actually does baffle us, because this game is pretty wonderful.

Wild Bazaar Theme and Game Play

Wild Bazaar is set in a Middle Eastern bazaar. There is a ton of colour packed into the game, and the awesome soundtrack is sure to put a smile on your face. It is evident that the team that produced Wild Bazaar have gone ‘all out’ on the design, because there is just so much detail packed into it. Honestly, for a slot which is likely a filler slot for NetEnt, it is brilliant.

As with all NetEnt slots, the company has gone ‘all out’ when it comes to producing the mobile version of their slot. There is no separate version of it. The game for mobile devices is exactly the same as the game that you play on your PC.

There is a little bit of a ‘long’ download time on it, but for the most part, the mobile version is perfect. It certainly functions nice and smoothly. This is probably one of the better NetEnt mobile slots we have played.

We are going to talk a little bit about how the game plays out in a short while. However, we do want to assure you that it is not a complicated game to play. Seriously. This is a NetEnt slot, and they never are that complicated. Yeah, some of the features are going to be a little bit more convoluted than you may be used to, but the game is still going to be easy for a beginner to grasp.

Game Features

As mentioned previously; the features are a little bit convoluted than normal. This is because there are four features, but all of them are mixed up into the base game. Unlike other NetEnt slots, you aren’t going to be whisked away to another set of reels to enjoy the bonus feature.

The bonus feature is free spins. If you get 3 of the same colour chest on a single payline, then you will get one of four bonus features. This will come coupled with either three or four spins. You can trigger four of the bonus features on a single spin, although it is so rare for this to happen that it probably isn’t worth thinking about:

It shouldn’t take too long to nail a few decent wins from this feature, but you absolutely should remember that Wild Bazaar is a high volatility slot, which means that you may go a few dozen spins before you see the chest feature start to activate. However, once you do, it is completely worth it. You will always walk away with a nice sum of cash.

wins wild bazaar

Winning the Jackpot Strategies & RTP %

Wild Bazaar has 5-reels and 4 slots. The minimum bet per spin is 20p. The maximum is £400. Interestingly, if you want to bet at the £400 mark (there are some people that do!), you will need to double confirm it within the system. This will stop accidentally £400 bets (yeah, it happens)

This is a medium to high volatility slot with an RTP of 96.15%. There is no real betting strategy here, since all the features occur in the base game.

Probably the best suggestion that we can offer you here is to try and keep your bets as small as possible. Closer to the 20p mark, or slightly higher if your bank roll allows it. This will ensure that you are not blasting through your cash too quickly.

Conclusion & Where to Play

This game is something different from NetEnt, and we actually like it. It is truly wonderful to play, and while it does not pay out often, when it does pay out it is 100% worth it.