Pink Elephants Slot Review

Going to admit this right off the bat; Pink Elephants is not quite the slot I was expecting. When I heard the name, I figured that I would be enjoying some cutesy game with a couple of elephants being a prominent focus.

While the elephants do appear, the whole look of the slot makes it seem like you are viewing them in a drunken haze. Nothing wrong with that, of course. However, if you are looking for a ‘cute’ slot then you may wish to look elsewhere. 

How to Play Pink Elephants Slot Machine

Pink Elephants is a newish slot from Thunderkick. At the time of writing, it has been kicking around for a little over a month. This has given me ample time to review the intricacies of the slot and to form an opinion. The minimum bet per spin is 10p. The maximum is £100. This is on a 6 reel slot. There is not really a ‘payline’ system in place here. Instead, there are 4096 ways in which you can win.

As I mentioned at the start; this slot is not really about cute elephants. Sure, elephants appear, but the game is very ‘Zen like’. I am going to be honest with you here; I seriously doubt that there will be many people who will be interested in the theme of Pink Elephants, mainly because it does not boast a whole lot of colour.

Everything is a varying shade of pink with maybe a dab of something else here and there. Sure, it is probably pleasing on the eyes to some, but it certainly was not pleasing on the eyes for me. This is a bit of a shame, really. I am normally a massive fan of Thunderkick slots.

That being said, the game does look good on a mobile device. It is not something which is going to blow your mind in terms of how awesome it looks, but it is decent enough. It provides you with a smooth gameplay experience and it does not look that abysmal, providing you can learn to love all the pink.

Pink Elephants Slot Machine Bonus Features

The wild symbol in this game is the W. This replaces all other symbols on the reels, except the scatter.
There is a ‘free spins’ mode. In order to trigger this mode, you will need to get at least three scatters. The number of scatters you net yourself will dictate the number of free spins:

This is a whopping amount of free spins. You can even trigger more free spins during this game mode. To do that, you will need to get 2 more scatters. This will net you a further 2.

As you play through the free spins, you will collect animal symbols (basically Elephant Orbs are attached to some of the symbols on the reels). For every 10 you get, one of the symbols will turn into the highest paid symbol in the game. It does not pay out often, but it is nice enough anyway.

Finally; there will also be a mystery scatter symbol that can drop on the reels at any time (free spins or base game). I can’t say that I have won anything from it, though. Mainly because I haven’t.

pink elephants slot review

Pink Elephants Slot Rtp % & Tips

The house edge is 3.9%. This is a medium to high volatility slot. The only way I can really see you making that much cash from this game is if you are not blowing through your bankroll too fast.

This means that you will need to keep your bets nice and low, or at least at a point where you are comfortable with how much cash you are parting with. You are only going to win a ton of cash during the free spins mode and it does not trigger as much as one would hope.

Summary of Pink Elephants Slot Review

I do enjoy Pink Elephant. As with most Thunderkick slots, it tends to play quite well. I just do not like the theme, although I know that others will enjoy it. I do still recommend, however. It is what is on the inside that counts!

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