Chibeasties 2 Slot Review NSS (Yggdrasil)

If you love your games with a bit of a cute ‘tang’, then Chibeasties 2 from Yggdrasil may be right up your street.  It is not particularly revolutionary from a technology standpoint, but it is a whole heap of fun to play, and that is all that counts!

How to Play Chibeasties 2 Slot Machine

Chibeasties 2 was first released in March 2017. It offers 5 reels and 20 paylines. The minimum bet per spin is 20p. The maximum is £100.
As you have likely guessed from that 2 on the end, this is the sequel to another game; Chibeasties. From a graphical standpoint, not a whole lot has changed.

There is a bit of extra colour and some additional animations, but nothing that is going to blow your mind and, you know what? We don’t actually care. The original Chibeasties was one of the most-fun games that we had ever played from a graphical perspective, so we are glad that Yggrasil did not shake things up too much here.

It is evident that this is a slot which has mainly been crafted for the mobile crowd. In fact, I believe that Yggdrasil are marketing it as mainly a mobile game. Yeah, it is going to work on a desktop computer and that is how I tend to do most of my gaming, but if you are the type of person that loves to kick back with a good mobile game on their device, then this is probably going to be the right one for you. It looks epic and it functions so incredibly smoothly too. Basically, I really have no complaints!

Chibeasties 2 Slot Machine Bonus Features

Chibeasties 2 has a rather unique feature called ‘realms’. There are four realms and whenever you spin, you have the opportunity to switch between these realms. The main reason why you will want to switch between the realms is due to the fact that each of them is functionally different from a ‘wilds’ perspective:

chibeasties slot review rtp % and screen shot

Chibeasties 2 Slot Tips & Rtp %

This is a medium volatility slot with a house edge of 3.8%.

Honestly, the best way to enjoy Chibeasties is to keep your bets low. I suggest that you get as close to that 20p per spin mark as possible. You can gradually bump it up if you see a few wins, but there is no need to shoot through your bank roll, to be honest. The real wins are going to come from the free spins, so you need to make those trigger.

If you want to make use of the realm feature, and I seriously suggest that you do, then you should try and aim for the teleporting realm. Whenever a wild appears here, I have almost always managed to net myself a win. It may not necessarily always be the biggest win in the world, but a win is a win, right?

That being said, feel free to experiment with the various realms. The only one that I was not a massive fan of was the mirroring realm, but I am sure that many people out there will get some benefit from it.

Summary of Chibeasties 2 Slot Review

Free spins and a quirky little feature make Chibeasties a real hoot to play. I suggest that you give it a couple of spins. Even if you do not love the gameplay, you will fall in love with the cute graphics.

It can be tough to find a site which offers Chibeasties 2, so why not check out a couple of the suggestions that we have thrown together below?